Boarding School for Troubled Teens

"A gracious woman retains honor."

Proverbs 11:6

Sunday School Helpers

Hope Academy is a Boarding School for Troubled Teens, Ages 13 through 18.

We use the Accelerated Christian Education program (ACE)

that has made monumental strides in self paced education since 1970.

Tutoring is provided for each student in order for her to reach her full potential.

Many students complete 2 years of education in less than 12 months.

In addition to "formal education,"

Hope Academy uses a "hands-on" approach to learning, offering "living skills"

that assist each student as she matures to adulthood.

If you would like to learn more about Hope Academy and Parent Hope Ministries, please visit our website at:

You may also contact us at 615-696-1050 or simply email us ( .

Hope Academy is a BoardingSchool for Troubled Teens.


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